Omer Duchovny & Eva Barbaro run Combat Works as a husband & wife team.  These two are always on the move! Together they built the largest Krav Maga Defense club in Auckland, New Zealand (Combat Krav Maga), before relocating to Long Beach, Ca in 2017. They love what they do, work hard for it, & are excited to begin building a new family of individuals who will make Combat Works something more than just a club.


Master Krav Maga Instructor, Director, Co-Founder Combat Works

Omer founded the largest Krav Maga Club in Auckland, New Zealand in 2008 (formally known as Combat Krav Maga/CKM 2008-2016, rebranded to Combat Works LLC, 2017). Born & raised in Israel, Omer was first introduced to Krav Maga during his service in the Israeli Army.  Prior to this, from age 6, he trained in various forms of Martial Arts, including Kung Fu, Kickboxing, American Kempo, & Shotokan Karate. 

Omer received his initial Krav Maga Instructor Certification in 2010 from Tactical Krav Maga (TKM), facilitated by Professor Itay Gil, CEO & Chief Instructor of Protect Israeli Security Solutions.  Omer completed his Masters in Krav Maga Instruction under Itay Gil (Protect Israeli Security Solutions, & Ariel University, Israel) in 2015. Most recently, he has become an Israeli Tactical Firearms Instructor (2015).  Additionally, he has an extensive background in Personal Training, Fitness Mentoring & Group Exercise Certification. 

Omer continues to train regularly with various organizations around the world, to enrich his background & to sharpen his skillset.  He also just loves to train! The following certifications are most relevant to Krav Maga & Combat Works:

1992-1994: Armed Street Patrol volunteer for The Israeli National Guard, & The Israeli Police Force, (Haifa Israel)
1994-1997: Israeli Defense Force (IDF) Service: Dispatch Staff Sargent, Amunition Technition Specialist,
Special Forces, Israel
1999: Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, 
Wingate Institute, Netanya, Israel
2008: Master Trainer, Group Exercise Instruction: Kick Boxing & Functional Training, 
Radical Fitness, Argentina
2010: Krav Maga Instructor, 
Tactical Krav Maga/Protect Israeli Security Solutions
2010: Founded Combat Krav Maga, 
Auckland, New Zealand
2013: Integrated Combat Systems (ICS)
Instructor, Australia
2014: Force Necessary, Unarmed Combat Instructor, 
2015: Masters in Krav Maga Instruction, 
Ariel University & Protect Israeli Security Solutions, Jerusalem, Israel
2015 Israeli Tactical Firearms Instructor, 
Lior Offenbach, Combat Krav Maga Intn’l, Poland

2017: Founded Combat Works LLC, Long Beach, Ca, USA
2017: Firearms & In-Home protection Instructor, Range safety officer


Box Works & Krav Kids Instructor, ‘Ops’ Manager, Co-Founder of Combat Works

Eva became Operations Manager of Combat Krav Maga (New Zealand) in 2013, building it to be the largest Krav Maga club in the region. She founded Combat Works with Omer in 2017. Currently she runs our Krav Kids self defense program as well as our Box Works kickboxing for fitness program. Eva’s passion for a healthy, active lifestyle has led her to seek training in various Krav Maga and other fitness-related courses & events (Australia & New Zealand). She is certified as a Kids Krav Maga Instructor, as well as a Fitness Professional & Group Fitness Instructor for Kickboxing & Circuit Training. When she’s not behind the scenes keeping Combat Works in motion, she’s out on the floor, training students (& herself) as much as possible!

2013: Appointed as Operations Manager of Combat Krav Maga, Auckland, NZ
2013-2016: Graded Levels 1-4 (intermediate) in Krav Maga,
Combat Krav Maga, New Zealand
2014: Kickboxing Group Fitness Instructor,
Radical Fitness, Argentina
2014-2016 Fitness updates & events, Wellington & Auckland, New Zealand
2014: Circuit Training Instructor,
Radical Fitness, Argentina
2014-2016 Fitness updates/events participated, New Zealand
2015: Kids Krav Maga Instructor,
Combat Krav Maga Int’l, Lior Offenbach, Melbourne, Australia
2015: Certified Shooter,
Level 1 Israeli Tactical Shooting, Lior Offenbach, Combat Krav Maga Int’l, Melbourne, Australia
2016: Krav Maga, Public Safety Self Defense Training Course, Itay Gil, Protect Israeli Security Solutions, Sydney, Australia
2016: Co-Founded Combat Works LLC,
Long Beach, Ca, USA