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COMBAT WORKS is an independent, combative Krav Maga Self Defense & Physical Conditioning facility in the heart of Long Beach, Ca.  We are dedicated to what we teach & how we train, in order to maintain the highest level of standards through practice & testing. Training with us is dynamic, raw, reality-based, & effective.  Our training methods combine mental & physical conditioning to equip you with a skill-set to learn self defense that builds confidence, toughness & fitness. SURVIVAL is our system’s core concept.

Conditioning combines simple to learn techniques with real life scenarios that challenge both physical & mental toughness.  Training within our system builds the kind of confidence, empowerment & fitness that can be applied in all areas of life.  A strong sense of camaraderie that builds among our students goes hand in hand with how we train.



KRAV MAGA - Dynamic, Practical, Effective.

Krav Maga is an extensive self defense system used by the Israeli Defense Forces for combat.  It is recognized for its effectiveness, focusing on defending against violent, real-life attacks by use of quick, adaptive & aggressive techniques. Krav Maga is NOT to be mistaken for a fighting sport, martial art or mma. There are no rules when using Krav Maga fighting, because there are no rules in the street.

What does Krav Maga mean? From Hebrew, it translates as, “CONTACT COMBAT.” We take this meaning quite literally. Our Krav Maga training methods are dynamic, reality-based & involve full-contact. This provides the best possible understanding of what violence really looks like, really feels like, & how to handle it. We thrive on being challenged, but it’s within an environment that teaches you how to ADAPT techniques to work for you & how to apply aggression with control. There is no previous experience or fitness level required to learn Krav Maga.

Training with us is an EXPERIENCE …The best way to find out what we’re about is to come & EXPERIENCE IT FOR YOURSELF!


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COMBAT WORKS is your home for everything self defense & functional fitness related! We offer group classes & private sessions for Krav Maga Self Defense, Kickboxing, Tactical MMA, Physical Conditioning, and Functional Circuit Training. We have training options for all ages. All of our training options are designed to complement each other, so you’re able to get started with whatever method motivates you the most! Check out our Class Timetable for more info, or get in touch!

Skill requires practice & commitment. We are looking for students who want to achieve their goals, aim to train hard, be challenged & reap the rewards.  Knowing how to defend yourself is empowering. So is being physically fit. Taking action is the first, most important step!  Join us for a complementary trial class to experience what our training is about!