We offer daily classes for Krav Maga, Kickboxing, Private Training & Specialized Workshops. Scroll down for class times & descriptions to learn more.

KRAV MAGA IS WHAT WE’RE ALL ABOUT. When it comes to learning how to defend yourself against real-world violence, the material to be covered is endless. Before techniques are practiced under stress, they are broken down into steps that are simple to follow. As training progresses, conditions intensify & the challenging begins. This dynamic format simulates the most realistic way to practice techniques against real-time threats and involve FULL CONTACT. Krav Maga classes include elements of MMA training & fighting sports, (Boxing, Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Karate, hand-to-hand combat, grappling, wrestling, close quarters combat, knife fighting, stick fighting & other Tactical Martial Arts techniques), Put simply, the best way to understand what a Krav Maga class is like at Combat Works, is to come & EXPERIENCE IT for yourself. Got more questions? Get in touch! For more info on what Krav Maga Self Defense is, how Combat Works trains, & our philosophy, check out the ABOUT tab, or CLICK HERE.

BOX WORKS Is our favorite PHYSICAL CONDITIONING, KICKBOXING WORKOUT, integrating punching & kicking combinations together on boxing bags. A guaranteed GOOD-MOOD BOOSTER, this class is great for cardiovascular health, building endurance, improving overall fitness & coordination. Moreover, it’s an excellent starting point OR supplement to our KRAV MAGA SELF DEFENSE PROGRAM. No experience? No problem…we’ll take care of teaching you the basics so that you’re on the right track. Worked on the bag before? You’re in good hands (pun intended)…we’ll make sure you’re challenged all the same. Box Works FIT + is our newest addition to our conditioning program, held EVERY THURSDAY (6:15-7:15pm). This TOTAL BODY WORKOUT combines body-weight related exercises with punching and kicking combinations. Exercises will always have easy, mid-range & more challenging options, so that everyone can get the most out of training!

SPARRING is a method of free-form, full contact fighting with a controlled level of power & speed. You can’t teach a self defense system that means, “CONTACT COMBAT,” without sparring. A CRUCIAL skill for combative self defense, it’s one of the hardest to acquire. This is where you forge your skills. While it IS covered in regular Krav Maga classes, the more exposure-time one has on the mat to practice, the better! These sessions work through boxing elements (punching, kicking), blocking & footwork combinations, conditioning to being hit, exposure to the intensity of attacks, & dealing with the adrenaline that comes with it. Needless to say, this class is as mental as it is physical. *No previous experience required, participation open to Combat Works Members ONLY.

KNIFE WORK addresses one of the most DIFFICULT TYPES of VIOLENCE we train to defend against in Krav Maga. Learning Knife Defense techniques include those against KNIFE ATTACKS (stabs, slashes & hacks) & KNIFE THREATS (hold-ups with a knife, robberies, & other threats within close range). The potential danger posed by a knife means that techniques can NEVER BE TRAINED ENOUGH! Our weekly Krav Maga classes DO work on knife defense regularly as well. KNIFE WORK provides more training time, targeting specific techniques to drill intensely for an extra half hour. *No previous experience required, participation open to Combat Works Members ONLY.

SPECIALIZED WORKSHOPS are our FAVORITE WAY to TRAIN KRAV…THE WAY it’s MEANT TO BE DRILLED! Workshops target specific techniques within the Krav Maga system & are trained for extended periods of time, for maximum exposure. Plain & simple, the more you train, the higher your chances are for surviving an attack. Workshops cover everything from defense against Pistol & Long-Arms, Knife Attacks & Threats, Bat, Baton & Blunt Objects, Home Invasion, Terrorist Attacks, Active Shooter Scenarios, Improvised Weapons, Close Quarters, Multiple Attackers, &…well…you get picture. Check out our Workshops & Events Tab, or CLICK HERE to see what’s coming up! *More info on specialized Simulated Pistol Courses, & TPS Defender, Israeli Point Shooting Courses coming soon!

KRAV BASICS is designed for new members as an introduction to the KRAV MAGA SYSTEM & how Combat Works trains. It showcases the concepts behind the system and why they work. This course brings newcomers up to speed to train with the rest of the Krav Family. Krav Basics covers fundamental techniques & basic movement patterns. This includes basic footwork, 360 degree & inside defense, blocking & counter-striking combinations, sensitive target areas for striking & basic combative movements. This course is held on the First Friday of Every Month (see Workshops & Events, or CLICK HERE). New members DO NOT need to wait for the next scheduled session to begin training with us, friends, family & non-members are always welcome! *Registration required, CONTACT for further info.

PRIVATE TRAINING is available for Krav Maga, Kickboxing Conditioning, & Personal Training for Fitness. Sessions are offered for individuals, small groups & community organizations. By appointment only, CONTACT for availability.

KRAV KIDS is our children’s self defense program, for ages 5-13. We offer private one-on-one sessions, & kids classes for small groups of two or more children during weekday afternoons & on weekends. Quality over quantity is our main focus when teaching your child self defense. In today’s world, it is important to provide children the tools & opportunity to build confidence at an early age, to stay active & to feel empowered by knowing how to problem solve, & how to stay safe. Krav Kids is the perfect program to learn discipline while having fun at the same time! The material covered is tailored to your child’s age, physical ability & the goals expressed by you as a parent. Sessions can vary from 30, 45 or 60 minutes, depending on your child’s needs. By appointment only, please inquire for more info or to book a session.